Where will the money go

When you have nothing... every little bit counts.

The people of Ukraine need us.  Schools, hospitals, homes and public areas have been destroyed or significantly damaged.  Many are without shelter, food and basic essentials.  It’s hard to imagine but it’s very real.

We have a goal to raise $500,000 for a 2 year aid humanitarian and medical aid programme in Ukraine.  This will allow us to un supply and evacuation vans into Ukraine and to setup a small NZ HQ to cover logistics for the dangerous but essential trips into Ukraine.

The money raised through Kiwi K.A.R.E will be used to buy much needed resources - not fund the infrastructure of a large aid agency. And importantly, the products sourced will get through to those who need it most.

A man sits with his head in his hands outside the remains of his family home after Russian bombing in Ukraine

Every little bit of aid helps.  From teddybears and bikes for children, essential medical supplies and equipment, cooking facilities for the hospitals, sanitary products for the women, trauma kits, nappies for babies and animal food for the thousands of displaced pets.

We will also be providing an evacuation capability for people who need to escape dangerous areas in and around the Russian occupied South and East of the country. The distances from places like Mykolaiv and Kherson, for example, back to Warsaw are long and often those displaced are very emotional, sometimes needing medical and psychological support.

This is rapidly becoming the forgotten war and your support is greatly appreciated.

If you have relatives in Ukraine who need help, or maybe just a visit, please contact us.

Tenby delivers vital supplies to people in Ukraine. Here he holds a large teddy bear while sat on boxes
A Ukrainian boy plays on a bike donated by Kiwi KARE
A car full of animal food to be donated in Ukraine
The Kiwi KARE ambulance full of supplies to be delivered in Ukraine
The Kiwi KARE working with other teams from the UK to help load and unload
The Kiwi KARE ambulance full of supplies to be delivered in Ukraine
The Kiwi KARE delivering toys and supplies to families in Ukraine
The Kiwi KARE team helping with evacuations